Ballroom Dance

Don't have a partner to work with? No problem! At New York Crystal Dance you will be trained by one of our professional ballroom instructors. Not only will you gain the confidence to dance at social events such as weddings, business functions, or just going out on the town, but you will love the experience of working with our talented staff. You can also join us at our many ballroom functions such as our weekly? parties where you can invite a guest to join in the fun! Private, group, or party; New York Crystal Dance offers it all.

Every program we offer is designed with a different goal in mind, whether it is to feel more comfortable dancing at a business event, to perform a routine at your wedding, or to dance like a star. No matter which program you choose, it will include.

{ Private Lessons }

Your private lessons are the backbone to your program as they encompass any individual problems you may have with your dancing. Your instructor can give you personal attention and work at your individual pace covering crucial, dancing points such as: timing, control, posture, balance, foot and body alignments, style and technique.

{ Group Sessions }

Group classes are the key to saving time in your quest to become a confident, fun partner. You will be learning new patterns while focusing on your leading and following skills. You will have the opportunity to dance with a variety of partners so you can practice leading and following the class material.

{ Party Sessions }

Practice sessions are fun parties that allow you the time to PRACTICE!! They emulate nightclub settings so you can experience dancing on a crowded floor. Leading and following a variety of partners beginners to advanced, will enable you to become a confident dancer quickly. Remember, to lead or follow your teacher is easy. Our goal is to train you to dance with any partner, good or poor, in any situation.

New York Crystal Dance believes that it is important to maintain a balanced routine of private, group, and practice sessions to learn the fastest and with the most efficiency, and all of our programs are geared to help you achieve that balance. Ballroom dancing is a great way to meet new people, and it's a fun way to expand your exercise or physical fitness program!

Introductory Program

Your first experience with ballroom dancing. This introductory program is designed as an introduction to the popular social dances. This allows you and your teacher an opportunity to assess and address your immediate dancing needs and evaluate your future dance goals.

Basic Program

PURPOSE: TO DEVELOP FUNDAMENTAL DANCING SKILLS. This program is designed to develop a few basic dances. Emphasis is placed on the three most important elements of dancing, namely, foot positions, rhythm and timing and leading or following.

Associate Bronze Program

PURPOSE: TO DEVELOP CONTINUITY AND CONFIDENCE. It will develop free movement around the floor, much more variety, technique, footwork, and your first introduction to styling. This dance program is very popular with the person that wants to get on the floor right away.

Full Bronze Program

PURPOSE: TO DEVELOP TECHNIQUE AND STYLING. Full Bronze is designed to develop timing and technique in all Social Dances. The styling will make you look nice and feel comfortable while on the floor. It will strengthen your lead and following to the point that no matter who your partner is, what kind of music or what type of dance floor, you will look poised and comfortable in all the popular social dances.

Silver Program

PURPOSE:ADVANCED STYLIZING AND TECHNIQUES. Silver is a dance standard with a high degree of styling. Flashy movements make this standard stand out on the dance floor. Continuity of movement makes a couple glide around the dance floor, with many changes in direction. Styling makes this standard develop an individual character.

Gold Program

PURPOSE: THE STANDARD OF THE STARS! Its intricate patterns are only to be used when both people really know what they are doing. Choreography, Styling, Technique and Showmanship are necessities in this standard. this cannot be used on a crowded floor. The smoothness and control make this a beautiful standard to sit and watch.