Dance Curriculum

Intro to Dance

This 45-minute dance class is designed for our youngest students (2-3 yrs.)! Little dancers love to move and pretend; we utilize these natural tendencies to gently introduce them to the dance world. Students will learn how to work in their own body space and wait their turn, to respect the studio and the teacher and. Classes include stretching, dance games, use of props, songs, and basic beginner ballet taught with a creative approach and lots of imagery. Welcome to dance class!

Attire: leotard, tights (skirts fine) and pink ballet slippers. Hair must be secured back away from face.


This one-hour ballet/tap/jazz combo class includes a short warm-up, gentle stretching, taking turns across the floor, creative movement, and development of balance, rhythm and motor skills. These are skills that will prepare them for future dance classes in any discipline from ballet to hip-hop. We make learning fun by using props like bean bags, scarves, and ribbons to keep the children engaged and active.

Attire: leotard, tights, ballet slippers or jazz shoes and black tap shoes. Hair must be secured back away from face.


As "the foundation for all dance forms" ballet serves as an excellent opportunity to enhance the students individual qualities, raise their technical level and foster their sense of artistry and grace. Emphasis is placed on understanding proper placement, coordination, musicality and the joy of moving the body through space. Beginner thru advanced.

Attire: leotard, tights and pink ballet slippers. Dance skirts are permitted.... Hair must be secured in a bun.


A brisk and vibrant way for students to develop strong musical sounds as well as ease of motion. Rhythm tap vocabulary is developed using exercises which emphasize clean sounds and musicality. The class includes some straight rhythm work as well as combinations ranging in styles from Broadway to improvisation. Tap is designed to strengthen the student's technique as well as rhythm. Students will have the opportunity to work on their listening skills as well as strengthening their tap sounds and quality. Beginner thru advanced.

Attire: dance attire and tap shoes. Hair must be secured back away from face.


This class consists of training the body as an instrument of artistic expression. Emphasis is on development of flexibility, strength, coordination and awareness of the principles of motion. The study of dance as an art form is explored within the lyrical class. Students will learn to feel the choreography rather than simply execute the movements. This is a great companion to any jazz or ballet class. Beginner thru advanced.

Attire: Black dance clothes, dance paws. Hair must be secured back away from face.

Musical Theater

This one-hour class includes lyrics for songs, staging, entrances and exits, props and costuming. This class is a great way to enjoy another style of jazz. Beginner thru advanced.

Attire: dance clothes, black character shoes (no taps) or Soft jazz shoes. Hair must be secured back away from face.


This class allows the student to develop the physical strength and attitude of a true hip-hop dancer. Warm-up focuses on strength, stretch and isolations. These high-energy classes include a variety of techniques, including: poppin', lockin', house, freestyle, and street moves. Beginner thru advanced.

Attire: NO STREET CLOTHES. Dance clothes and Dance sneakers.


Modern dance is a dance style that rejects many of the strict rules of classical ballet, focusing instead on the expression of inner feelings. Modern dance was created as a rebellion against classical ballet, emphasizing creativity in choreography and performance.

Attire: Black dance clothes, dance paws. Hair must be secured back away from face.